Most Popular Diets


The Diet Atkins advanced by American cardiologist Robert Atkins depends on the principal of preventing sudden increases or decreases of the insulin rate in the body. The Atkins guiding the diet of most people up to now is criticized by the dieticians and nutritionists as it incites people to consume more proteins than normally consumed. The other special part of the diet is being hard to be adopted as a life style and being given up after a while.

Alan Diet:

The Alan diet advanced by Dr. Barry Spears depends on the principal of consuming 40 percent of carbohydrate, 30 percent of fat, and 30 percent of protein in diet. In Alan diet focusing on consuming of the unrefined carbohydrates and fats; it is advised that instead of refined products carbohydrates should be taken from fruits and vegetables fiber-rich. Alan diet, different from the others, does not envisage the decreasing of the carbohydrate amount consumed but truly portioning of the foods. If you consume a portion of meat, and carbohydrate double amount of the meat and good fats such as olive oil, hazelnut, and walnut, you maintain your life in a healthy area.


Even though there are different kinds of vegetarianism, lakto ovo vegetarianism is known as the widely seen. Lakto ovo vegetarians do not consume food of animal origin except for egg, dairy foods and honey.

The recent researches state that vegetarians have thinner look, more rarely catch metabolic diseases, and live longer.

Weight Watchers:

The move started by a woman having lost weight and scared of getting it again early in 1960s in the USA has supporters over than 30 countries. “Weight Watchers” both often get together supporting each other in the meetings on the net and check the others. “Watchers” stand by each other about having 20 or 25 body mass index via diet and exercising.

South Beach:

Advanced by a cardiologist and nutritionist, It is the principal of having a low sugar degree in blood and consuming carbohydrates chosen carefully. Diet depends on consuming the ones called fine fats instead of often taking very little fat. Otherwise it states that it would not be a nutrition habit.

Raw Foods:

Ones choosing raw nourishment way consumes completely herbal foods mostly organic and foods unprocessed in any way. In this nutrition habit, at least two out of three of the food is taken without cooking. Most taking raw food do not include animal food into their diet.


Consumed as the one of the most popular diets, it is seen among the most healthy and successful diet because of its abundance. This diet especially focusing on the diet of  South Italy and especially The Crete Island in Greece depends mostly on fresh fruits and vegetables in huge amount, grain, seed, cheese, yoghurt, large amount of fish as meat, little meat and mostly olive oil, and a fair amount of wine.